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We have partnered with world-renowned music creators and software companies to bring our members custom SoundPacks, Plug-Ins, VSTs, DAWs, and other tools.

New creator tools are added to your account each month so you can stay inspired and keep creating without having to juggle multiple subscriptions.

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Recent Drops

“Bounce Coming Up”

Timbaland’s upcoming debut Drum Kit “Bounce Coming Up” features drums and original beatboxing from his most iconic hits with Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Ludacris and more.

Bounce Coming Up is available exclusively to all annual members.

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BC1 Time Traveler

Beatclub's prismatic all-in-one plugin brings forth a stylish user interface and dynamic FX suite to help inspire your next fresh idea.

Each color adds a layer of synesthesia to your audio utilising modules, including the Granular/Elastique Pitch Shifter, Noise Module, Tape, Reverb, Half Time, Noise Gate, Oversampling, and Hi/Low Pass Filter.

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Beatclub SoundPack Library

We’ve worked closely with skilled sample makers to establish Beatclub’s original, curated sample pack library, made up of new and unique sounds.

Drag and drop melodies, loops, one shots and full compositions straight into your DAW and bring new inspiration to your music making.


SoundPacks are dropped directly into your acccount each month to keep you inspired. Simply download them and start creating. 

Beatclub Essentials

Collaborate with the greats!

With three volumes of royalty-free sounds inspired by Timbaland, Mike Dean, CashMoneyAP, Tainy, Mike Will Made-It and Rance, feel like you’re working directly with your favorite producers.


The Beatclub Collection

Guitars with Personality (Vol.1 & 2)
Rhythms with Personality (Vol.1 & 2)
Beatbox with Personality (Vol.1 & 2)
Drums with Personality (Vol.1 & 2)
Female Vocals with Personality (Vol.1)
Afrobeats with Personality (Vol.1)
Cinematics with Personality (Vol.1)


Software Partnership Bundles

Month Trial
MasterClass is home to the most inspiring artists, leaders, and icons in the world, an educational platform where people can learn directly from their heroes. Beatclub’s partnership with MasterClass gives our members direct access to MasterClass’ entire curriculum, including hours of educational content from legendary artists, producers, songwriters, DJs and composers. Learn from the likes of Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Nas, Questlove, Metallica, John Legend and of course our very own Timbaland for three months free.

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14 Day Trial w/ 30 Free Track Downloads
Tracklib is the first and only service for sampling and licensing music - from $5.99 with 25 credits per month. Their catalog consists of 100,000+ real original tracks with tons added every week. Get lost in decades and genres from over 400 record labels and publishers around the world, including Bob James, Isaac Hayes and Frank Dukes.

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Serato Studio
6 Month Trial
Serato Studio is the best DAW for producing beats and using samples. Stay in the zone with Studio's innovative, all-in-one approach for isolating, flipping, layering, and chopping samples to create entirely new masterpieces. Utilize their revolutionary new real-time stem separation tool, Serato Stems, to build upon layers of audio one can only dream of sampling.
Beatclub Members get 6 months free. Redeem now.

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iZotope Music Production Suite Pro
30 Day Free Trial
Every plug-in you’ll need to professionally produce music, all in one suite. Get access to RX Pro for Music, VocalSynth Pro, Ozone Pro, Neutron Pro, Nectar Pro, Neoverb Pro, Tonal Balance Control Pro, Insight Pro, Melodyne 5 Essential, along with presets, samples, and updates on all Pro products.

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Free VSTs and SoundPacks
SoundWare develops custom VSTs and mobile music apps including SYLØ and Octane. SYLØ is a loop based smart sampler for music production that offers hundreds of high-quality synths, guitars, pads, and vocals. Octane is a go-to audio plug-in for music production, with tons of presets and effects ready to go.

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LANDR Studio
3 Month Trial
LANDR is an online music software for creators: music mastering, digital music distribution, rent-to-own plugins, free sample packs, collaboration tools, and more.3 months free of access to LANDR Studio which includes all LANDR products, such as: Unlimited MP3 masters 36 WAV masters/yr., Unlimited Distribution 1200 Samples credits/yr., Online collab tools Amazing plugins & VSTs, VocAlign Project 5 LANDR FX Suite, High quality DAW streamingAnd $2,000 of extras

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Output Arcade
3 Month Trial
Output Arcade - the ultimate inspiration machine: Get 3 months free of Arcade, an innovative sampler and virtual instrument library that’s updated with new sounds all the time. Arcade helps music makers focus on being creative by allowing them to find, play and manipulate samples, loops and chromatic instruments all in the same plugin. You can even add your own samples and loops to play and manipulate.

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Slate Digital
3 Month Trial
The Slate Digital All Access Pass is home to a host of game-changing plugins that will completely transform the way you make music. Get full access to incredible tools like ANA 2 Ultra Bundle, Murda Melodies, MetaTune, Virtual Tape Machines, and more for three months with the click of a button. Beatclub Members get three months of All Access free.

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Our Membership Offerings

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Features $0 /month $179.88 /year

Guaranteed participation to one of Beatclub’s Monthly Writing Camps with Timbaland and other VIP creators.

Limited Check

Feedback on 20 Beats a month from Beatclub A&R and VIPs including Timbaland.

Limited Check

Unlimited access to exclusive weekly industry placement opportunities (Millions paid out to creators!).

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Access to our Development A&R Category (this is where our A&R team will be even more hands on with you). Limited Check

Includes Timbaland's Drum Kit "Bounce Coming Up".

Limited Check
New monthly offerings to premium software creator tools. Limited Check
Includes the BC-1 Time Traveler Plugin Cross Check
Custom curated SoundPacks. Cross Check
Compete in remix challenges with peers for exclusive prizes. Cross Check
Includes the  BC-1 Time Traveler Plugin. Cross Check
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