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Have your music heard by industry professionals and gain invaluable feedback. 

We understand the positive impact guidance and feedback can have on a music creator’s growth. Invest in your career by submitting music for feedback or book a call with a member of our team to discuss your goals and how to achieve success. 


Feedback Portal

Receive feedback on your music from industry-leading A&Rs, Producers, Songwriters, and Artists.

Specify elements you want feedback on, including arrangement, mixing, drum programming/ patterns, sample-flipping and songwriting.

Perfect your tracks with the A&Rs’ help before submitting to opportunities to increase your chance of success.

Annual Members receive up to 3 rounds of feedback per month.

Take your creativity to the next level.

Feedback  Portal

1-On-1 A&R Call

Book a video call with a member of our A&R team when you first login as an Annual Member.

Discuss your goals and how you can best use the Beatclub platform to achieve success in the music industry.

1-On-1  A&R Call

VIP Cook Up Sessions

Get tutored by legends of the game. Sign up for virtual cook up sessions with platinum-selling music creators.

A unique opportunity to have your tracks critiqued by Grammy-winners.


Beatclub TV

Exclusive content from Beatclub VIPs, including beat breakdowns, tutorials, stories from legendary studio sessions and more.

We work with our members to create our content, from highlighting inspiring stories from our community to using their music in all of our content.

Head over to Beatclub TV on Youtube to check out some of the stories we have told so far.

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MasterClass x Beatclub Learn from the best in the business.

MasterClass is home to the most inspiring artists, leaders, and icons in the world, an educational platform where people can learn directly from their heroes. Beatclub’s partnership with MasterClass gives our members direct access to MasterClass’ entire curriculum, including hours of educational content from legendary artists, producers, songwriters, DJs and composers. Learn from the likes of Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, Nas, Questlove, Metallica, John Legend and of course our very own Timbaland for three months free.

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Our Membership Offerings

Free Annual Best Value
Features $0 /month $179.88 /year

Guaranteed participation to one of Beatclub’s Monthly Writing Camps with Timbaland and other VIP creators.

Limited Check

Feedback on 20 Beats a month from Beatclub A&R and VIPs including Timbaland.

Limited Check

Unlimited access to exclusive weekly industry placement opportunities (Millions paid out to creators!).

Limited Check
Access to our Development A&R Category (this is where our A&R team will be even more hands on with you). Limited Check

Includes Timbaland's Drum Kit "Bounce Coming Up".

Limited Check
New monthly offerings to premium software creator tools. Limited Check
Includes the BC-1 Time Traveler Plugin Cross Check
Custom curated SoundPacks. Cross Check
Compete in remix challenges with peers for exclusive prizes. Cross Check
Includes the  BC-1 Time Traveler Plugin. Cross Check
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